1. Very enlightened of your local television station to have those up on YouTube so quickly. Was interesting to watch.

    My primary insight into NM water problems is this wild guy writing on the internet (you, John). How much do you think the average citizen of Albuquerque is aware of the problems and the somewhat fine balancing act you’re all in at the moment? Thinking back a decade over here, they pretty much did go with “the sky is falling” approach at times to educate the public. I remember fairly consistent television advertising (PSA’s from the water board) and intelligent news stories. When water restrictions finally came it felt like an incremental necessity based on what the public had already been made aware of.

  2. Malcolm – I wish I had a better handle on what the average citizen knows and doesn’t about this stuff. My sense is that we’re nowhere near where y’all were in the thick of your drought, but that’s because our problems are more vague and in the future. But we have been successful in reducing our water use, which suggests some general consciousness (I think).

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