making water conservation tougher than we need to

In the Dallas suburb of Highland Park (media household income $172k), efforts to conserve water by not planting lawns have run into a hiccup, as Melissa Repko reports:

A new ordinance, passed on Monday, outlaws artificial turf on front yards. With a town permit, the turf is allowed on side yards and back yards, so long as the artificial turf is out of sight.

“Plastic grass is not in keeping with the design and quality of design we want to have in our town,” said Councilman Andrew Barr in an interview after the vote. “It seemed like, in the early stage, we should address this before it affects the neighbors and the general public.”




  1. I quibble with the headline, which implies to me that fake grass would help water conservation. Only in so far as concrete and asphalt would. Thumbs down to all three as water conservation tools. peace, mjh

  2. They have no idea. There was the guy on the block where Mom Rabett lived, who put down concrete in the lawn area and painted it green. Lynch mob formed to the right.

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