US-Mexico water talks stalling – what I learned from a new water blog

Chris Austin, the long time brains behind the invaluable Aquafornia (done in partnership with the Water Education Foundation), has a launched a new blog aimed at diving deeper into the weeds. I’ve already learned stuff from it that I didn’t know, such as this:

Negotiations with Mexico: Regarding bi-national negotiations with Mexico on Colorado River issues, the question was do the states want to put forth the effort to keep working on this, especially given that the sides are quite far apart? Yes, the states decided that they wanted to keep trying to work out issues. Since then, further negotiations have occurred with Mexico and it appears the two sides are still quite far apart. Mexico has asked for a break in negotiations; they understand the U.S. position and need now some time to consider options. It appears that if any successful negotiations occur, it won’t be the comprehensive solution Metropolitan was hoping for, but instead something scaled down.

Added to my RSS reader? Check.