Coyotes and geese – the trajectories of our newly forming urban ecosystems

Canada geese seems especially fond of Albuquerque’s country club and the neighborhood around it. So it also seems likely, according to research into urban coyotes, that the skinny little dog-wolves are in this urban ecosystem mix:

Though urban coyotes do occasionally attack cats and dogs, far more often they avoid them. (Coyote attacks on people are even less common.) They also don’t rely on garbage, as urban scavengers like raccoons do. Instead, their diet seems heavy on rabbits, rats, mice, fruit, and goose eggs (geese being a surprisingly common pest in many big cities).

From a delightful little bit of business by Kim Tingley on the urban coyote.


  1. I saw a coyote on the north side of Central, east of I-25, in a big empty lot nearly across from Presbyterian Hospital. I had heard that they were seen in that area. I recall my sighting was on Oct 27(?, a Saturday) at about 10:30am and I was on the bus. Wish I could have gotten a picture. He/she was a quite good looking specimen and I hope he/she amazed other folks, too, and that if he/she doesn’t get in trouble he/she will be left alone. It had to have been quite a journey for him/her to get to that location.

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