a note of thanks to Tim Brick

Back in the 1980s, when I was a reporter covering Pasadena City Hall, Tim Brick sold me on the fact that water was a great story.

Pasadena had a municipal water agency, so it made sense that the city hall beat reporter should pay attention. But Tim, Pasadena’s representative on the Metropolitan Water District board of directors, pointed me to the interlocking regional issues involved. It was from Tim that I learned the history of peripheral canals (or the lack thereof) and with him that I took my first deep dive into the stories of Mulholland and Owens Valley and the water management issues surrounding the Colorado River.

Tim’s smart, and funny as hell. I could never quite get my head around my old trouble-making friend as chairman of the board of MWD, the largest municipal water agency in the West.

On Facebook today, I saw that Tim is stepping down after 28 years as Pasadena’s representative to the MWD. He has my undying thanks.


  1. Tim is a good friend of mine, too, as we were co-activists on many trouble-making projectws in SoCal. IT was Tim who called me up in NY City and said, “Come on back, I have a spot for you on the campaign against the Peripheral Canal.” Thanks, Tim.

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