Record dry 2012 at my house

I’ve been keeping rainfall records as a volunteer National Weather Service observer since 1999. 2012 is the 13th calendar year for which I have complete records for my house, in Albuquerque’s near northeast heights, about a mile northeast of the University of New Mexico. It was my driest on record, at 5.08 inches (12.9 cm). The previous driest year on record was 2011, at 6.03 inches (15.3 cm). The average over my 13 years of record is 9.45 inches (24 cm). The PRISM dataset average for my neighborhood’s pixel is 9.71 inches (24.7 cm).

2013 precipitation

2012 precipitation


  1. You were really only saved from it being *much* worse by a June/July, too, weren’t you? Doesn’t bode well.

    (P.S. Your editor phoned and said to let you know the chart’s title is a little eager with the “2013” bit.)

  2. Malcolm – Pass along my thanks to the editor next time you talk to her. Caption’s fixed.

    July and August are always the wettest months, but this year even they were below average.

  3. Us too. Don’t forget to water over the winter to lessen the chance of winter kill! I’ve had the hose out once already this winter, but we have some snow up in the mountains finally.



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