Lund on a call for a new environmentalism

Smart Jay Lund piece on the shortcomings of old-school environmentalism in the new world:

Classical environmentalism is mostly about stopping new harmful human influences, not reversing the harmful effects of past changes or shaping a more environmentally friendly future. Environmentalism has not substantially reversed the widespread urban and agricultural destruction of wetlands or freed rivers from the concrete and rock that straightened their course.

A new environmentalism is needed that can redirect and reconcile human activities to better support and even expand habitat for native species. Rather than insist on blocking human use to protect nature – a largely quixotic quest now – environmental reconciliation works in and with unavoidably human habitats.


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  1. I felt like his entire piece needed a Wikipedia-style [citation needed]. Lund is attacking a straw man without naming a single individual or organization! Who are all these nabobs of negativity? I know plenty of so-called “environmentalists,” and really, I don’t know who he’s talking about. Not to say that NIMBYism is dead, but his assertions just do not represent the modern environmental movement. Maybe this was more true 20 years ago?

    Look at the big enviro organizations like TNC, NRDC, Sierra Club, or Friends of the Earth. They’re against some things for sure, but they’re also advocating FOR a lot of good stuff: clean energy, wildnerness, responsible trade… Perhaps Dr. Lund has a specific target in mind that he hesitates to mention? Like ones that question the wisdom of the proposed Delta Tunnels?

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