An update on California towns running out of water. Or not.

The AP’s Jason Dearen has an update on California communities at risk of running out of water:

In February, the California Department of Public Health listed 17 mostly rural water systems as having less than two months water supply in storage.

But in recent weeks that number has fallen to three.

In February, as media coverage raged around 17 California towns at risk of running out of water in their drought, I ventured an observation and a prediction:

The observation:

[I]n a state with 38,332,521 residents, give or take a few, the fact that only 17 relatively small communities have so far been identified as being at risk of running out of water means that the vast majority of the state’s population is currently not at risk of running out of water in the next 60 to 100 days. In a drought this badassed, it so far looks like most of California’s residents will be able to flush their toilets and brush their teeth for the foreseeable future.

The prediction:

I’m going to boldly predict that most water providers will limp through to the finish line.

It rained, apparently enough to make me look correct. Best, in a situation like this, to be lucky.

(this post has been updated to move the news ahead of my ego)