Welcome, pulse flow readers. Buy my (old) book!

It occurs to me that the brief and delightful pulse flow of clicks to this blog reading my recent coverage of what’s going on in the Colorado River delta might be potential book buyers. (Duh. Marketing is not my strength.)

It’s called The Tree Rings’ Tale, a science book for kids (middle school aged, 13 years old give or take) about weather, water and climate, especially here in western North America. Yes, it has John Wesley Powell’s grand adventures, and also Connie Woodhouse’s more recent grand adventures. (Connie uses tree rings to figure out how much water was in the Colorado River back before we had stream gauges. She’s not as famous as John Wesley Powell, but her stories are pretty great and important too.)

It includes a lot of hands-on science, too, like how to record the rain and snow in your backyard.

If you buy it on Amazon via the link above, I get a little piece of the action, which is nice, but if there’s some bright youngster in your life who you think my enjoy it, the best thing would be to support your local bookstore and order it through them.