Pollution cleanup as a solution to water supply shortfalls

As Southern California looks at its next water supply steps, one of the top items on its agenda is cleaning up groundwater contamination. It’s cheaper than building more storage. So says MWD’s Jeff Kightlinger:

I think you’re going to see the next wave of investments over the next decades in Southern California focused around issues like recycled water and groundwater basin cleanup. We see that as better bang for the buck.


  1. The residents of Burbank and the Antelope Valley should be thrilled. (It’s also about damn time.) Pump-and-treat may be expensive, but it also creates new storage space.

  2. Francis – One of the members of my groundwater hydrology brain trust here in Albuquerque argues that the biggest problem posed by our groundwater contamination problems is the way they foul future storage space.

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