Why water governance fails

In his new book Chasing Water, Brian Richter offers an interesting list of the ways in which water governance fails:

  • Insufficient Financial Capacity

If the government is not generating enough money from taxes or other means to meet these needs, or if the government simply is not allocating enough of its resources to the governing of water, water allocation and management systems are almost certain to fail.

  • Lack of Expertise

The best-run water agencies in the world possess most or all of this expertise, employ hundreds of staff members, and operate with multi-million dollar budgets. But possessing such capacity is the exception and not the rule.

  • Lack of Will to Enforce Rules

Enforcement of rules is almost always the weakest link in any system for managing water.

  • Lack of Coordination among Authorities

[I]t is very easy for different governmental departments to become isolated into “silos” that do not communicate or coordinate well with each other.

  • Too Much Corruption

Which of these problems does your community suffer from?