Stuff I wrote elsewhere – the Cooper’s hawks of Albuquerque

From this morning’s newspaper, a column about a day with a research team studying the Cooper’s hawks that are making an increasingly comfortable living around my city:

Cooper’s hawks are primarily woodland birds, and we have built an expansive urban forest across the Northeast Heights. The urban neighborhoods on the east side of the river are older, and therefore their trees are more mature, making them a better “forest” for the birds, Madden suggested.

The urban forest also makes great habitat for smaller birds – sparrows, finches, robins and especially doves and pigeons. Cooper’s hawks especially love the doves and pigeons.

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  1. does any one know of a group/person that is good at catching these birds? They have attacked animals and people in our community. One person has killed two of the babies so far. They will now shoot the big ones. Am hoping someone can relocate these birds before they get killed. Yes the person/s know of the stupid law about hawks (but that will not stop them).

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