Utah and California, sharing a watershed

I’m not sure “Utah shouldn’t build that pipeline because California might need our water” sounds like a winning political argument, at least if you’re having the argument in Utah. I’m not saying it’s not accurate. Overdevelopment of Upper Colorado River Basin water right now clearly poses a risk of colliding with the Upper Basin’s obligation under the Colorado River Compact to deliver water past Lee’s Ferry for use in California, Arizona and Nevada. I’m just talking about the political optics of California Drought Causes Need For Water Conservation In Utah:

California is in the grip of a record drought, causing the need for Utah to conserve water.

In Southern California, dry farms and cities depend on water from the Colorado River. Other states rely on the river as well, including Utah.

Environmentalists say the big California drought means Utah should be extra careful about project needing to take more water out of the river.