Colorado River problems are a threat to beer

Colorado River, Water Source For Craft Beer, Drying Up:

Some of the best craft beer in the US is produced in the West, in places like Colorado and California. And the craft beer culture in that part of the country is also strong. Many craft brewers, such as Stone Brewing, obtain all of their brewing their water from the Colorado River. So it is a big problem, not just for craft beer but for everyone in the region, that there is a very serious drought in the Colorado River Basin.


It would be devastating to craft brewing in the US if this trend continued, but compared to the other massive problems that lack of water brings, craft beer seems like a smaller issue.

Fair enough.


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  2. Often I see mention of how much water Lake Powell and Lake Mead have in storage, but are those amounts adjusted over the years for filled in sediments?

    There may be even less water in those resevoirs than we think…

  3. Songbird – Great question. I know they recently updated the Lake Mead “capacity tables”, which include re-measurement of sediment storage loss, so the volume numbers there are in the ballpark. Not sure about Lake Powell.

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