Kelly Redmond to be honored for climate work

Kelly Redmond, deputy director of the Western Regional Climate Center in Reno, is being honored at next month’s AGU meeting in San Francisco for being generally awesome.

Kelly’s one of the best climate scientists I’ve ever encountered at overcoming the “loading dock problem“, by which scientists do knowledge and leave it out there in a box for non-scientists to consume. Kelly spends a lot of time working his way around the West, trying to figure out what climate science consumers (like me) need and then acting as a go-between. From DRI’s writeup:

“Kelly is all about climate science and communication credibility – not just among our science colleagues, but with everyone else too. If you want to communicate climate knowledge to decision-makers in the Southwest or Western US (or probably anywhere else), there is no better source of know-how or the energy to get it done than Dr. Kelly Redmond,” one member of the AGU award nomination committee stated, when asked about Redmond’s career.