AMACRQ: How do you pronounce “CAP” and “SNWA”?

The latest edition of Inkstain’s infrequent* Ask Me a Colorado River Question feature comes via Paolo Bacigalupi, and it wasn’t quite phrased as a question, but I’m hoping to resurrect the feature.

My answer was that I say, and hear others say “cap” for the Central Arizona Project, but I’ve always stumbled over SNWA and usually just say “Vegas” which seems inadequate. Or sometimes “Southern Nevada,” which also doesn’t quite get the thing done.

What do you, dear readers, do with these two initialisms?

* I think it’s appeared, like, once.


  1. Maybe SNWA should be pronounced see-nah-wah, as in Sinagua? Might be appropriate a few years down the road.

  2. I unsually pronounce them by saying the letters outloud, “C – A – P” and “S – N – W – A”. Arizona Department of Water Resources gets shortened down to “A – D – W – R.” Some refer to the first two as “CAP” and “the Authority.”

    Hope all is well, John. I really enjoyed our visit on the 24th. Be well.

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