1. Looking at Willow Beach from this location 35°52’57.5″N 114°37’03.0″W. Your Fuji X-E1 takes pretty good photos, John.


  2. Steve – There’s a fine line between the “Colorado River” and “Lake Mohave” at this point. Whichever label you use, it’s plumbing.

    DG – I love my little Fuji. Is the Lat/Long in the picture’s metadata, or did you just recognize the spot?

  3. No John, Lat/Long is not part of the meta data. I knew the place. Normally, on the weekends and early in the morning there is an Indian vendor at that pullout hawking jewelry. Your meta data indicated a Saturday morning. He should have been there. Sometimes tour busses will stop at that spot enroute to the Grand Canyon. I think that he takes credit cards.


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