Hauling water: Navajo

Many Navajo homes lack running water. Many more draw from shallow wells with poor quality water and resulting health problems. Now, my friends Olivier Uyttebrouck and Roberto Rosales report, this community could also lose its hauler, the grandma who trucks in the only clean water available:

As she pulls up outside a house, residents quickly emerge with barrels, jugs, even a large cooking pot – anything that will hold the precious liquid.
“These people really depend on the water truck,” especially the elderly and those who lack transportation, she said, tearing up as she described the living conditions of some families and children she serves. “That’s why I love my job.”


  1. “I love my job”

    She understands that she made an impact. There is satisfaction of a job well done when someone says, “Thank you.”


  2. Sunday 8/16 I was watching Sunday Morning which viewed the water problem on the Navajo lands. how the hell is this possible in the USA? we send money, food and water all over the world and we can’t even run a pipe of fresh water to OUR own people!. OK enough who do I write to, whose bones do I jump on to get some action, not only do we have to help “grandma with the water truck” we have to add more !!!

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