Water for the 1 percent

Oh my, this Rob Kuznia piece in the Washington Post. People will click:

Drought or no drought, Steve Yuhas resents the idea that it is somehow shameful to be a water hog. If you can pay for it, he argues, you should get your water.

People “should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful,” Yuhas fumed recently on social media. “We pay significant property taxes based on where we live,” he added in an interview. “And, no, we’re not all equal when it comes to water.” (emphasis gleefully added)


  1. Isn’t this the whole point though? The Asians are will to pay top dollar for our water. So off goes 80% of the desert-grown alfalfa, almonds, bermuda grass, sudan grass, corn, and grains to Asia.

    Southern California would be wallowing in residential water if it weren’t for the 0.1% benefiting from exporting desert water overseas. And to those 2100 Central Valley dairies that were re-sited from Wisconsin the former dairy state.

  2. More imagination is needed to help w/ the water shortage. We’ve done the usual water saving things at our house. Also my wife found a swell device on line to get bath and shower water outside to her roses and trees. http://www.siphonaid.com – requires a little work – hook to garden hose, prime w/ faucet, drop in tub and siphon water out to mulched flowers and trees. One day’s bath water to roses, move hose, next day’s water to some trees.
    No pumps, no permits – its really low tech – I call it Hi-tech bucketing though.

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