An Albuquerque rainstorm for the record books

That thunderstorm that woke most of us up early this morning (lightning flashes through our skylight at 1:30 a.m.) was one for the record books. At the National Weather Service’s airport gauge (the “official” Albuquerque gauge), 2.24 inches (5.7 cm). According to Brian Guyer at the Weather Service, that’s the single highest 24-hour total in history:

Albuquerque's wettest day

Albuquerque’s wettest day


  1. 3 of the top 8 in the last 11 years out of a 124 year record. Hmmmm. And 2015 ain’t over yet….

  2. It really seems as though predictability is becoming the biggest casualty of climate change.

  3. Thats what its all about breaking old records and recording new ones. Good for the books of humanity. I bet GeoEngineering had some play in this too.

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