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  1. Jeez, John,
    If you keep on questioning conventional wisdom like that, we won’t have anything left to say to each other with a wink and a nod. The other day you debunked the cherished ‘truth’ that “Water flows uphill to money.” Now it’s the whole notion of water wars! I bet you’re about to tell us that Mark Twain never said that thing about “Whisky’s fer drinkin’; water’s fer fightin’.” And that besides, it’s not really true! (Actually, you already said that.)
    What’s next? That there are more than two kinds of institutions – “private property” or Leviathan – that people can invent to prevent a tragedy of the commons? That Aristotle and Hardin were wrong?
    Do I detect a theme here: perhaps we humans (“fallible learners”) can be cooperators in pursuit of common-wealth?

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