Cliff Dahm returns to Sacramento to help sort out the delta mess

I’ve begun putting scare quotes around “retirement” for some of my University of New Mexico water mentors. To that list, add Cliff Dahm, the ecologist and Inkstain brain trust member whose “retirement” party in May paved the way for this:

SACRAMENTO – Dr. Clifford Dahm, an internationally recognized expert in aquatic ecology, climatology, restoration biology, and a professor emeritus of biology at the University of New Mexico, was unanimously appointed by the Council on Thursday (Aug. 27) as Lead Scientist. In making the appointment, Council Chair Randy Fiorini said, “With his broad understanding of water-related science and his background as the former Lead Scientist for the CALFED BayDelta Science Program, Cliff will provide crucial knowledge and scientific leadership as we implement both the Delta Plan and the Delta Science Plan.”

The “Council” is the Delta Stewardship Council. This is familiar terrain for Cliff, who served as chief scientist from 2008 – 2012. Excellent choice, y’all.