Climate change in New Mexico

New Mexico journalist (and friend of Inkstain) Laura Paskus today launched a year-long look at climate change in New Mexico. From the opening installment:

As the region continues to warm, snowpack will continue to decrease, the snow line will move higher in elevation and farther north, and winter snows will start later and end earlier in the season. Evaporation from reservoirs will increase; water storage in reservoirs will decrease.

I’m happy about this for a number of reasons.

The first is the subject itself, which I think is incredibly important. The second is that I think journalism matters, by which I mean that the telling of stories about important things matters, and Laura’s partnership with New Mexico In Depth fills a gap left by the decline in the journalistic enterprise.

The third is that she’s my friend, and I understand the journalistic passion that drives her work. In this regard, Laura is a journalist’s journalist, and the opportunity to dig this deeply into a project of this sort, of a journalist’s own choosing, is to be treasured.

The series landing page is here.

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