Roadrunner accessorizes garden art

Roadrunner in L. Heineman's garden, 10/17/2015

Roadrunner in L. Heineman’s garden, 10/17/2015

I was trying to get a shot of our neighborhood roadrunner this morning as it hopped down into Lissa’s garden, a sort of “living Garden Gnome” shot. But I realized as I looked through the results that the garden itself, Lissa’s great work of living art, overwhelms the bird, however cool the roadrunner might be.


  1. The garden is beautiful! Last week I observed a locak roadrunner being quite aggressive, maybe just hungry, but going after the small birds in a tree and bush in a yard. Is this often an issue? (I live in the more northern part of the state and we only have only an occasional one or two.)

  2. Mary – Roadrunners are carnivores. I’ve mostly seen ’em eating big bugs (the one in the front yard yesterday was going after moths) but they eat small birds and lizards and rodents too. There’s a family in our neighborhood that feeds ’em hamburger at the backyard feeder, and one time down in Southern New Mexico I ate at a restaurant that had a really tame roadrunner on its patio. The waiter explained that the cooks fed it meat scraps. 🙂

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