Turns out Casablanca isn’t a desert. I was misinformed.

One of my favorite water nerd film moments is the conversation between Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains in which Rains’ Inspector Renault tries to get Bogart’s Rick to explain why he came to Casablanca:

the fog should have clued me

the fog should have clued me

Captain Renault: What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?
Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.
Captain Renault: The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.
Rick: I was misinformed.

I love it even more now, after blog commenter Paul pointed out that Casablanca’s coastal climate is particularly wet in winter. It’s not a desert after all.

I was misinformed. (And I love my blog’s readers.)


  1. Thanks, Casablanca is a terrific film. And even northern New Mexico is not a desert, just arid and getting more so, although the last week belies that.

  2. Since Casablanca receives about 17 inches of precipitation each year, it qualifies as semi-arid, similar to the climates (Csa and Csb) of interior and coastal areas in California.

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