Lake Mead from the window seat

Anyone who flies in an airplane and doesn’t spend most of his time looking out the window wastes his money.

– Marc Reisner, Cadillac Desert

Lake Mead from the air, flying into Las Vegas

Lake Mead from the air, flying into Las Vegas

My Southwest flight into Las Vegas was nearly empty (a rarity these days), so I had my choice of window seats on either side of the plane and the chance to move back and forth. But the pilot’s descent into Las Vegas was literally directly over Hoover Dam, so we couldn’t see it.

Nice view of all the Lower Basin’s water in Lake Mead, though, just waiting for someone at the Bureau of Reclamation to turn the spigot and send it downstream to grow lettuce or water a golf course. Looks like plenty of water to me!


  1. Beautiful view! That looks like the Boulder basin to the right. I have a recent shot of that area here:
    As an amateur landscape photographer who lives 15 minutes away from the entrance to Lake Mead Nat’l Rec Area, I’ve developed something of an obsession with the place. It’s gotten to the point where everyone I know is sick of me & my Mead pictures/chatter! I go there at least 4 x’s a week if not more so.

  2. Yes, it looks different from a plane. I had a great flight from the East Coast and had a terrific time following the Ohio river. Later, got fascinated looking at the terrain starting from Kansas right into Las Vegas. From my vantage point, got to see the Arkansas River and followed the Colorado from Utah to Hoover Dam. Looking down on it all, you really see the miracle we call water.

    @Angel, where are your photos of the mountain sheep that hang around the park in Boulder City? No photo collection is complete without that.


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