People on wells less likely to view water management as a shared problem

This is fascinating:

A survey finds correlations between utilizing an individual water source (e.g. well or spring) and attitudes toward water management and conservation. Compared to respondents with a shared water source, those with an individual source believe they are segregated from regional water concerns. They are less willing to pay for water management or conservation measures and less supportive of any government intervention in water management. These results suggest that planners and water managers may face resistance to conservation policies or any policy based on the idea of water as a common pool resource. (emphasis added)

That’s from “Individualized water source as an indicator of attitudes about water management and conservation in humid regions” by Kristan Cockerill, Peter A. Groothuis, Tanga McDaniel Mohr, and Courtney Cooper in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. (I’ve only read the abstract, my university library doesn’t have a subscription.)


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