I’m the new director of the University of New Mexico Water Resources Program

When Bob Berrens invited me three years ago to join him in teaching a class on contemporary issues in water management in the University of New Mexico’s Water Resources Program, I was hesitant. I was pretty busy – working full time at the Albuquerque Journal, trying to write a book. But heck, it seemed like fun, so I figured I’d give it a shot. (My joke has been that the real hook was university library privileges. There is truth in that joke.)

One thing led to another. The Water Resources Program gave me an office, I quit my newspaper job to finish the book, I expanded my teaching role, I started working more closely with the program’s terrific graduate students, and now this:

John Fleck has been appointed director of The University of New Mexico’s Water Resources Program. Fleck is Professor of Practice in water policy and governance in the university’s Department of Economics, and has been the Water Resources Program’s writer-in-residence since January 2015.

“UNM’s Water Resources Program is a unique interdisciplinary program with faculty contributors from across campus,” said UNM Dean of Graduate Studies Julie Coonrod. “While many faculty members work across disciplines, John Fleck truly thinks in an interdisciplinary way. This rare quality, along with his highly-regarded reputation in the western water community will provide strong leadership for this graduate program.”


  1. Congratulations John. I’ll look for an opportunity to work with you, now that we’re both at UNM.

  2. Great news, John. I’m sure you’ll be stellar in your new position. Wow, talk about getting to one’s dream job!

  3. Ha! I love that picture, it’s me on one of the most amazing days of my life. Standing in the bed of the Colorado River in Mexico, watching the water flow.

  4. Congratulations on the appointment, John. I know that this is a great fit for you and the UNM is so fortunate to have your skills, passion and thirst for knowledge on board. There is no one out there better qualified to get young people in college to think and question. You are now on the inside and have the obligation to make the system work and to work the system. I am certain you are up to all of the challenges. Best to you in everything!

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