My book visits the Colorado River

People have been sharing pictures of my book as it travels to interesting places. This makes me so happy.

Today Michael Thomas Bogan, desert fish and other aquatic critter researcher (don’t snicker, that’s a thing, desert fish are really important!) at the University of Arizona shared this one:

My book visits Topock on the Colorado River

My book visits Topock on the Colorado River


  1. Every time I go under that bridge I marvel in the construction. Steel plates and rivets. I’ve been thinking of estimating how many this old and serviceable structure has. Scores of trains pass over it everyday. I wondered if the construction job was done during summer and the heat experienced by the crew.

    Today, the bridge is low maintenance. That is I haven’t seen the RR paint it. However it receives a liberal amount of spray paint in the colorful graffiti the locals bestow upon it.

    Also noteworthy in the photo is the muddy plume. This is output water from the Topock refuge.


  2. Speaking of desert fish, this invitation came today to the Bosque list from the local Sierra Club chapter:

    “The Desert Fishes Council, a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of desert aquatic ecosystems and their associated life forms, is holding its 48th Annual Meeting at the Hotel Albuquerque during 15-18 November 2016. The subject of the Plenary Session on 16 November: ‘Is the Rio Grande Savable? Lessons Learned and Conservation Implications’ will provide a broad ranging discussion of the challenges facing water management in a changing climate. Panelists will consider the environmental and biological setting (Steven Platania), the legal and institutional constraints (Adrian Oglesby), and management of the Rio Grande in relation to other western rivers (Bradley Udall). Following their brief presentations and questions from the session moderator (Laura Paskus), the panelists will address questions from the audience.

    You, and interested colleagues, are cordially invited to attend the Plenary Session (8-11 a.m.) on 16 November in the Alvarado Ballroom at the Hotel Albuquerque. If you plan to attend, please email Megan Osborne at”

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