The Glenwood Canyon bike path

Glenwood Canyon bike path

In Glenwood Springs this weekend, a friend kindly acceded to my demand: “We must go on a Sunday morning bike ride up Glenwood Canyon.”

It’s 16 miles of paved trail that run along the Colorado River. Like, right along the Colorado River, as you can see in the picture above. So close, in fact, that sections are closed during high water, like now – that’s about 10,000 cfs here, so we couldn’t get all the way through.

One of the great bike rides. More here.


  1. The I-70 stretch through Glenwood Canyon took forever to complete, and frustrated those of us who had to wait there during construction traffic stops. But once completed we saw a beautiful and marvelous piece of highway engineering. Inclusion of the bike trail is icing on the cake.

  2. We plan to ride this in July. How do we know in advance if it is open or closed? We have been flooded out on it before and we were hoping to try it again this time.

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