Amy Haas to replace retiring Don Ostler as Executive Director of the Upper Colorado River Commission

Amy Haas, deputy director and general counsel of the Upper Colorado River Commission, will replace the retiring Don Ostler as the UCRC’s executive director July 1. Amy, formerly general counsel of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, has been with the commission since last year, and has a long history of working within the interstate Colorado River governance process, including playing a central role in the negotiation of the recently signed U.S.-Mexico agreement known as Minute 323. From the official release:

Felicity Hannay, U.S. Commissioner and Chairman of the Upper Colorado River Commission, is pleased toannounce the selection of Ms. Amy I. Haas to be the new Executive Director of the Commission effective July 1, 2018. Haas replaces Don Ostler, who has been Executive Director since 2004 and will be retiring from full-time service at the end of June. Ms. Haas has been Deputy Director and General Counsel since June, 2017.

“Amy has shown great knowledge of the Commission and its work, and we are very lucky to have someone with her qualifications and experience stepping in behind Don,” said Hannay. “He leaves big shoes to fill, but the Commission believes Amy can jump right in and continue the important work of the Commission in its role with the Upper Division states.” The Upper Colorado River Commission was created by the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact of 1948, and is made up of Commissioners from CO, NM, UT, and WY, along with the federal chairman who is appointed by the President.