By request, a graph of the San Francisco River near Glenwood, New Mexico

San Francisco river near Glenwood, NM

I’ve no idea what’s going on here, but a reader asked, so here’s a graph of the San Francisco River near Glenwood, New Mexico.


  1. Just letting you know . . . . . your postings, even in Michigan, have altered our consciousness. Upon hearing of the track of TS Bud, my 1st thought was how this early / extra rainfall would affect the Rio Grande watershed.

  2. The Buzzard Fire. The fire is not on it, but it is possible that access or other issues, including fire fighting efforts could have affected either the water there or the gage readings

  3. Very nice graph. Graphic density indicates variability in flow is lower in period of June through about October. Would like to see similar graph for Redrock, NM of Gila flows. At this time of year it looks like flow is still 32,000 gpm and that is long term average minimum. This is about 12,000 acre feet or enough for a lot of irrigation under Globe Equity 59 but not enough for an extra 14,000 acre feet of exchange water under AWSA.

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