Should Arizona not get its act together, hints of a six-state Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan

Elizabeth Whitman had an incredibly important bit of business in her Phoenix New Times setup piece for today’s Central Arizona Water Conservation District meeting on the Colorado River DCP:

“Negotiations in Arizona are at a critical stage,” said Patricia Aaron, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Reclamation. The bureau was “cautiously optimistic,” she added, but, “in the event that Arizona is unable to support implementation of the DCP, Reclamation would need to consult closely with the Governor’s Representatives of the other six Colorado River Basin States.”


  1. I watched most of the CAP board meeting online today. It was civil only in that people weren’t allowed to throw things at each other. Their novel approach was “ehhh, let’s wait 3 years and see”.

    I’m not surprised the other states are sick of us.

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