The Future Lake Powell: Feb. 20, Moab

update: It’s apparently at 6 p.m., not 6:30, thanks to alert reader!

My coauthor, Eric Kuhn, will be joining a bunch of other Colorado River smart people tomorrow (Thurs. Feb. 20, 2020) in Moab for an event organized by Utah State’s Center for Colorado River Studies:

February 20, 2020 — The Future of Lake Powell Forum

A forum discussion on what politics, policy, and climate change have in store for Lake Powell.

Since the Colorado River began filling Glen Canyon in 1963, the future of Lake Powell has been up for discussion. Climate change, politics and water-use policy all now factor into the fate of this vast reservoir in southern Utah. Water levels have continually dropped over the past two decades — and without a change in how the Colorado River is managed, water levels could eventually become too low to produce power, to go boating, to store water, and to meet downstream delivery demands.

Thursday, February 20, 6:30 6:00 pm

Historic Star Hall, Moab, Utah

Free and open to the public!

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  1. Lets store water for boating and swimming and water skiing and fishing. Yeah and lets spread it out to dry in the reservoir. Sounds like there on an Idiots Journey (

    A water shortage in practice would mean a lot of people will go thirsty or out of business or both. I am astounded by the colossal stupidity that abounds.

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