“Launch Ramp Closed” is the least of our problems

Lake Mead, December 2021, elevation ~1,066

Lake Powell ended March 2022 at elevation 3,523, down 40 feet from a year ago.

Lake Mead, which sees less fluctuation because of the (relatively) steady inflow from Powell upstream, ended March at elevation 1,061.5 – down just 23 feet from last year.

“Launch Ramp Closed” is the least of our problems.

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  1. Water storage reservoirs are where we send water to dry. We never learned the lessons of the past instead we embarked upon an epoch of engineering and construction of big projects. The Nabatean of the Negev (perhaps the finest farmers to cross the pages of history) captured, controlled and salvaged underground every drop of rainfall. I have seen their works.

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