Seminar Today (Feb. 22, 2023): Universal Access to Clean Water for Tribal Communities

Heather Tanana and Anne Castle will be talking about the Universal Access to Clean Water for Tribal Communities project at today (Feb. 22, 2023 – noon Arizona time) at the University of Arizona’s Water Resources Research Center seminar series – over the Zoom!

Signup info here.

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. As highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, basic water and sanitation services are critical to public health and economic development. The federal government has treaty and trust responsibilities to promote the general welfare of Tribes. Although federal programs exist to support water-related projects in Indian country, these programs historically have been underfunded. As a result, many Native American households remain without access to clean drinking water or adequate sanitation.

As we wring our hands about communities that currently have water but might have less (Google “Deadpool Diaries”) it is important to remember that many Native American communities never got water in the first place – left out of the federal spending bonanza that brought water to non-Indian communities.


  1. John

    They keep getting it wrong. Access to clean drink drinking water is a human need. Where individuals cannot find water or it is not economically feasible to have clean water, governments, are called upon to find and provide clean water at the public’s expense and for that and the common defense we pay taxes. Remember the universal solvent for all riddles is the truth and the whole truth.


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