Short People

From the Herald Sun:

Offering a new and much more literal measuring stick for the corporate glass ceiling, a University of Florida study says tall people earn better pay than short people. Each inch, the report said, adds $783 a year to someone’s income.

The study, released this week, concluded height matters more in determining income than gender. Tall people beat short people on job evaluations and even fare better on seemingly objective measures, like sales performance.

Researchers say the advantages probably come from an inclination to respect tall people and to view them as successful.

Apparently, people look up to people they have to look up to.

What was it Randy Newman said? “Short people got no reason to live.”


  1. I’m short and I am looking for exceptions to this rule i.e. short people who are successful. How tall are Donald Trump? Richard Branson? Madeleine Albright? Mick Jaggar? Robert Redford?

  2. I’m short too.

    In my country, short people have ruled as President. Many presently are successful.

    Whatever researches or researchers say, we are biologically what we are. However, short people love too, we are rich too, we live fulfilled life too…

    What remains is for us to stand up and help those who are still blaming themselves for being short. The tall even are ready to support. This statement I pick from the feedback I receive from the purchases of products I have been selling at

    Check these products, buy and use or create yours all in a way to leverage the technology for our clarion call to ‘other’ people that we are human being too.

    How I wish to share how I refuse to be seen short or called short…

    Let’s form a global vanguard – no matter the difference in cultures. If I could many thing the tall do done, it is possible.

    To Brenda, exceptions to the rule are possible… but in your hands. No let me say in our hands.

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