Campaign Mo

David Mason had an interesting observation about the New York Times’ observation regarding the Clark campaign’s “getting legs”:

It reminds me of the feed they get from Wall Street every day about why investors bought or sold… its all best guesses at some sort of collective feeling.

I think about that as I watch the BBC news’ business brief every evening on telly. The market is up X percent on news that blahpositive. Had the market been down that day, they would have looked around for blahnegative, which one can certainly find on any given day, to explain the downness. Some days the nexus is real, but often it’s classic post hoc reasoning, carried out nearly every day, in full public view, by otherwise intelligent people, in an attempt to explain that which may very well be random.

Not to imply that all your hard work is resulting in some random swing, Dave. My interpretation is that the Clark campaign’s great legs are a result of Dave’s hard work.