Planet GNOME Test

Prodded by Glynn and aided by the fact that Dave Camp was smart enough to write it down and publish it when he figured out how to do it, I changed my RSS feed so the whole entry now shows up, meaning the whole entry is now published on the planet. This is a good thing, except that lately I’ve been rather blathering on with some very lengthy posts (I’m using the blog to work out ideas), and I don’t want to bore folks unnecessarily. So my idea is to figure out how to make stuff in the “read more” MT bit (additional entry text, I believe it’s called) not show up in the RSS feed. Here’s a test to see if this works.

Here’s some more stuff that’s in the “additional entry text” section of my blog entry. The test is to see whether this shows up on the RSS feed (and therefore on Planet GNOME).


  1. Finally, your posts are generally the most interesting on Planet GNOME and it was always a hassle clicking through.


  2. You’ll still have to click through to get the obscenely long ones (like the one I’m working on now that I’m about to post). I feel a little uncomfortable blathering on for too long on PG. But at least you’ll get a big enough chunk to know whether it is worth clicking or not.

  3. Rock John!

    A great thing would be if you included a “Read more…”-link at the bottom of your entry if it has extended body. Send me an email if you want help on how to achive it.

    Regards, goes to add your feed to my Blam now that you can read most of the entries directly in the app.

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