1. Its a real shame that people so casually dismiss the PX theories without doing real research. Phil is not grounded in physics or celestial mechanics like some researchers of this topic. Want a kick in the ass? Try going to the SOHO site or the Navy’s LASCO site and check out the incredible number of comets coming from the southern area of our solar system over the last few months. Then check out the extreme fluctuations in Xray, flaring and solar wind activity during the last few weeks and months. Then you might also include the current frightening events occuring at Yellowstone park (supervolcano?) that could erupt any week now. Not to mention the rash of worldwide 6,7 and 8 point earthquakes (all are scientifically linked to solar activity) recently. Then you might also note our recent foray into Iraq seizing ancient archeological Sumerian sites (the Sumerians wrote extensivly about Nibiru) for God only knows what purpose. I guess we’ll all find out in due time, huh? By the way I just read an article about “fireballs”being spotted by hundreds of people over Spain. Hmmmm….

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