Weird Googlejuice

I found the answer this morning to one of life’s great mysteries.

In my Inkstain logs, I see a steady traffic to an old blog entry about Lowell George and Frank Zappa, and I’ve never understood why. I only found one person linking to it, an entry from back in December on a rarely updated blog. Could that be it?

But I had underestimated my own Googlejuice. This is my own doing. Enter don’t bogart that joint into Google, and my old blog entry ranks number one. I own “don’t Bogart that joint”. Nine or ten times a day, it seems as though someone somewhere on the planet is typing “don’t Bogart that joint” into Google and reading my blog. Truly remarkable.

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  1. Pretty funny finding a reference to this. I googled that phrase about 2 weeks ago to show a friend. I remember my cousins playing a song in the ’70s with that and was looking for the artist.

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