GEGL Visits New Mexico

Check the T-shirt below carefully:

GEGL-shirted DCM

That’s a GEGL-shirted DCM doing what he apparently does naturally, broken Coracoid Process or not.

It’s for sure always weird meeting someone in person after knowing them for a long time on line, but Dave and Cate didn’t disappoint. Dave’s so, umm, serious on line, and then he and Cate drive up in this utterly extravagant convertible Mustang rental – red – and he has this impish little understated smirk when he’s cracking wise that one simply can’t see on line.

We dragged the two of them halfway across the state in the course of a couple of days, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I s’pose it’s our turn now to go to North Carolina and eat some of that utterly strange-sounding barbecue.