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Since not everyone clicks through, I thought (at the risk of reviving the John Malkovich debate) I’d pull Stephen’s thoughtful comments out here:


Do you know that your blog is posted on planet.gnome.org?

The reason I say that is because for the past few months I’ve been reading it and I’ve yet to see you mention anything -even remotely- related to gnome. If your not going to blog about gnome fine, but don’t make the rest of us read it.


Just FYI, Stephen, this has been a point of some contention in the past. I don’t run Planet GNOME, so I’m not really in a position to do something about your problem one way or the other, except perhaps to point out that there is a separate RSS feed for my free software-related posts.


  1. It’s the minority of people who only want to read GNOME things on planet GNOME. It’s really a place where the community can keep in touch, and as part of the community, I hope you keep blogging.

    Your blog is one of the more interesting ones anyway 🙂

  2. FWIW, your posts have always been the very interesting to me. Not that you need encouragement to keep posting, it was their decision to include your blog. I just hope they don’t switch over to your free-software only feed. I would have never learned of Cinco de Warmup if that were the case.

  3. John, I can only echo the above support. The great thing about the Planet phenomenon is that the disparate group of developers who work together daily but get to meet only once or twice a year (if they are lucky) get to understand what motivates and inspries their colleagues.

    All power to your blogging (and naturally, cycling) muscles…

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