Clinking Glasses

I have always thoroughly enjoyed the tradition of clinking glasses. But I am apparently out of date, according to Thelma Domenici:

Clinking glasses after a toast is a very old custom, and many people thoroughly enjoy it, but in today’s etiquette world, instructors teach that you should just raise your glass. They say clinking is not necessary and is hard on glassware.

Good to know.


  1. Well, I personally think that she’s an idiot. Clinking glasses is the standard and makes you feel connected to everyone else at the table. Oh wait, in today’s clinically boring world, that is outlawed.

  2. I remember an anecdote (possibly false) warning against clinking the glasses in Eastern European countries (Hungary I think) because it was a despised habit of some who had conquered their nation (Nazi Germany, Second World War I think).

    Eventually found a link and it was as I thought Hungary, but it refers to clinking beer glasses

    As with most etiquette observing and carefully following the lead of your host is always the safest bet. When in Rome …

  3. John,

    Do you know that your blog is posted on

    The reason I say that is because for the past few months I’ve been reading it and I’ve yet to see you mention anything -even remotely- related to gnome. If your not going to blog about gnome fine, but don’t make the rest of us read it.


  4. Horrors!

    What is the price of glassware vs. the price of camaraderie, friendship, tradition, etc?

    ching ching! Get real!


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