Also Zaire

My socially conscious daughter points out in the comments to my previous post that she and her friends are not Eurocentric. They also circulated a petition demanding that the United States, “as one of the leading industrialized nations of the world,” remove the bureaucratic barriers that are preventing refugees from Zaire’s civil war from finding asylum here.


  1. I don’t think that specific case is really the United States fault. The US people don’t like foreigners in their country. It has been like this since the US was created, and even during WW2 when Jews needed refuge, very few were given.

    You an alalyze why US people don’t like foreigners (used as cheap workforce to replace americans working, some places in the us saturated with foreigners, etc…), but in this case, its just the gouverment doing what most of the people want: to limit foreigners.

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