A Pig Like That

At a dinner part once (a Washington, D.C., dinner party, really) a guy told me a joke that Ronald Reagan had told him. It’s my two degrees of separation from the Great Communicator:

A farmer is giving a guy from the city a tour of his farm when they see the famer’s three-legged pig.

“Why does that pig only have three legs?” the man asks.

“That there is an amazing pig,” the farmer replies. “Last year, I was plowing out on the south field when my wheel caught in a ditch and the tractor flipped over on me. The pig saw I was in trouble and ran to the house, oinking at the door until my wife saw what was wrong and went for help.”

“That’s amazing,” the city man replies. “But I still don’t understand why he only has three legs.”

Says the farmer, “You don’t eat a pig like that all at once.”