Latvia and Estonia

My socially conscious daughter and her friends yesterday evening collected 34 signatures on a petition abhorring the terrible violence now besetting the border regions between Latvia and Estonia.

Their petition demanded UN peacekeeping forces and “immediate foodstuffs and monetary support to the suffering civilian populations.” The majority of people they approached signed, though some disagreed with the petition. One person asked them if they supported the war in Iraq. When they said “no,” she responded that she did, and would not sign. Another said, by way of explaining his refusal, “I’m an American! I’m a Republican!”


  1. “[…]abhorring the terrible violence now besetting the border regions between Latvia and Estonia.”

    John, I have no idea what you’re talking about here? Which violence?

  2. I have a very strong feeling that this is either a joke or the country names are totally wrong.

  3. Just a me too: Was this some sort of experiment with the names of two states most Americans have hardly heard of?

    It would be quite strange if there was violence between two EU states and it was not in the mainstream media here in Europe.

  4. Guess it shows that the US education system is totally fubar and needs an overhaul. IMHO most of the people probably never heard of the 2, as they hadn’t heard of Irak before the first Iraq war.
    The issue here seems to be to the relative badness of CNN and co when locating things that are not in the US. I remember “the shuttle was going 18 times the speed of light” and placing munich in switzerland…

  5. Just another big me too!
    In the last few years, I found more and more points for me
    to harden the feeling of beeing glad to live in the ‘old europe’!

  6. Wonder why they chose Latvia & Estonia – they’d be better off with border between Estonia & Lithuania 🙂

    but honestly – it is really interesting that someone knows where latvia is 🙂


  7. You didn’t include our activism for admitting refugees from Zaire and sending them support for their current civil war.

  8. Reporting live from Estonia – haven’t heard anything, you guys must have access to some really secret intelligence information:p

  9. ha ha, conflict between Latvia and Estonia:))) Than i`ve also heard about conflict on border of Brasil and Vietnam:)))

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