Sunshine Spin

By request, here’s Sunday’s Sunshine Spin, courtesy of my borrowed Geko GPS:

Sunshine Spin Map

But what you really want to see is the elevation profile:

(That little downhill on the left is the ride from my house to the start. You don’t see it on the right because I had to turn the GPS off – the batteries were getting low. Trust me. I rode back up it.)

It was a great ride. Thanks to Barbara and all the other great volunteers who put it on. Good cause, good fun.

I’d been asked how I was making the traces. It’s a Garmin Geko GPS unit, with a web-based software package from Endless Pursuit. I’m not necessarily recommending this. For starters, it seems to only be Windows-based, and requires IE at that. But since you asked….

Sunshine Spin

For you Albuquerque readers, there’s a fun bike ride coming up Sunday, the Sunshine Spin. It’s a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. There’s an easy ride up the riverside trail or a hammerfest up Tramway. The folks putting it on are great people, the cause is good. The idea that you can live well with cancer and live well after is an incredibly important message.

Look for me. I’ll be the one wearing the yellow wrist band.