Jorge and the Diamond Cam

Fox, ever pushing the envelope of baseball broadcast technology (they’re the ones who put microphones in the bases) has installed a tiny spy cam in the dirt in front of home plate, looking up at the batter. Yankee catcher Jorge Posada, imagining a bunt or throw to the plate hitting the little hole in the ground going awry, kicked dirt on it. A grounds crew member cleaning out the dirt left an even bigger hole, which Posada again covered with dirt, stomping on it this time for good measure, rendering the camera broken for good:

Fox and the commissioner’s office weren’t happy, and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spoke with Posada. The All-Star catcher said the network did a very good job of hiding the camera in Game 2.

Yankees manager Joe Torre had a simple explanation for Posada’s actions.

“Jorge is a passionate guy,” Torre said. “He just likes to be able to play baseball without people interfering, I guess. He just felt that that was a problem. … We talked to him about it and as far as I know, it’s not an issue.”

Fox plans to keep using Diamond Cam during the series.

“We think the angle provides a very compelling shot that we weren’t able to bring to the 15 million people who were watching the game,” Fox spokesman Lou D’Ermilio said.

With all due respect to Lou D’Ermilio and the fine folks at Fox, every time they showed the Diamond Cam, I had no idea where the camera was or what I was looking at. As we say in my business, it “didn’t read well.” I’m with Jorge on this one.