Michael Fumento Doesn’t Let Up

The back story: On my other blog, I also discussed the whole Fumento/Lambert/Lancet thing, observing that “We’re left with two possibilities here, neither of them pleasant. Fumento, who styles himself a journalist, either misrepresented the study’s conclusions, or he hadn’t read it.”

The thoughtful Mr. Fumento responds, via email:

First, it seems to me that any nationally syndicated columnist, including those I can’t stand, is a journalist — whether John Fleck acknowledges it or not. Second, I dropped one of my arguments from the TCS piece only because it confused people with simple minds. Like you. As it happens, I also had to cut 200 words even as I added in new information. So we are faced with two possibilities here, neither pleasant. A) You’re not particularly bright; B) You’re not particularly bright.

This guy’s great! He should get a blog!